Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was in Clinton (Massachusetts) today and stopped at Bolton Orchards to see what they had. Turns out, a lot, though mostly stored apples from 2007.

Milton here, though, was recent. As you can see from the photo (taken outside the store) this is a yellow-green apple with a (mostly) solid red blush. It's medium sized with light tan spots and understated ribs.

The flesh is white with a hint of green and fine grained, somewhat tender but quite edible. Taste is juicy and astringent, a little acid and tart with faint grapefruit and lime notes and a little pepper. Overall a pleasantly dry effect that would be noteworthy were the apple crisper.

It is hard to evaluate apples that are not recent picks and I don't know when this was harvested. Depending on the apple and the storage technology apples can keep well. The Miltons were all together in a big wooden crate and it's just hard to say how fresh they were.

Update: I found some fresher tasting samples, and review them here.

Bolton Orchards, by the way, is a big store with an orchard elsewhere. A deli counter, lots of produce, specialty items, and ice cream. It's worth knowing about if you need a bite to eat out that way.


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