Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Wages of Fame is Spam

The top of a red apple

A passing mention of this blog on the website of an obscure tech company has led to some very welcome attention. (Hi everyone! Check me out!)

Alas, it has also brought comment spam in force.

For the time being, I am moderating all comments here.

I am sorry to erect any impediment to the very informed and welcome flow of ideas, questions, and stories from you, my readers.

However, this barrier is only about a foot high. 

Share your comment and, unless you are selling me the true meaning of my name or some other scam, I will publish your words shortly. 

And with gratitude.

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  1. The only surprising thing is that it took so long to happen. Mark R.

    1. Strange badge of honor! But the system works.

  2. I never thought there are so many apple variety in this world until I found your blog some months ago. I found it when I was searching answer on Blogger Help Forum and found your Too Clever by Half.

    Blogging about apples for 12 years and still have many apples to explore, wow.. The only thing I know about Apple is there are two type: red color and green color lol.. and maybe apple "Malang" which famous in my country.

    Anyway, I think "that obscure tech technology" should create posts more often on their official Blogger Buzz. They made some Blogger user feel insecure whether Blogger will be shutdown anytime soon since they only post 1 blog post a year.

  3. Oh! Very Nice to Land & Look here; from Blog Dashboard as well mai
    (of course expected & wished)
    Congrats and Adam' Apples always Shines
    Thanks with Regards

  4. I was surprised to see that a) there is a blog entirely dedicated to apple variety and b) there are so many different apples out there!! Nice blog! :)

    1. Sarah,

      I am glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Apples are seasonal, and so is my blog. I hope you will check back here in the summer or fall!


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