Friday, December 13, 2019

Mostly Harmless

Earth rising over the Moon.

On December 2 of this year, when things are usually pretty quiet here, the traffic to this little blog suddenly went through the roof.

On Twitter, Matt Haughey, who has a preposterous 28 thousand followers, had tweeted some very nice things about my blog.

Temporary internet fame ensued.

Tweeth he, "It's like a blog from a bygone era of pure harmless internet fandom and passions," which makes me feel pure and harmless. And understood.

(Slightly more seriously: That is the A-word vibe, as in "An amateur explores the pomacious fruit." The word is from the Latin amat, loves. Good things come from passionate amateurs.)

Matt also posted about my blog at Metafilter, which sent more traffic this way.

There he wrote, in part, "The best part might be the comments sections, where other fans of apples post their lengthy tasting notes as well."

He sure got that right!

It is nice to be noticed and appreciated, but it is especially nice to be appreciated for the right things.

P.S. Turns out Metafilter is like a blog from a bygone era of internet fandom itself. And it was started—in 1999—by Matt Haughey.


  1. Feels good, doesnt it Adam? You have been working at it for years--consistent, good humored,and with dedication you have built a heck of a resource. Heck, I would call you old school, too. A high compliment.

    1. Thank you Brad, and others. Funny thing is, I wasn't trying to build anything, really, except my own knowledge.

  2. I’m happy that your blog is receiving richly deserved recognition, and happier still that so many new readers ate having the pleasure of discovering it.

    BTW I’d like to suggest a blog subtitle: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Apples.


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