Friday, December 6, 2019

A good many apples

It's easy to see a list of all the apples I review on this blog, if you are reading this on a desktop computer.

A long tasting table, with scores of different apples.

Just scroll down enough and you'll see the list in the right-hand sidebar.

Some of you are reading this on a phone or tablet and the sidebar is hidden.

For you, all my apples (as of today) are listed below as clickable links.

You can also find apples here by topic, rating, and image.

These reviews are my opinions based on how things taste to me. I only review apples I have tried.


  1. Thank you, although I can see them on my laptop. Whenever I see an apple for sale that I haven't tried or don't recognize, I get a few and then see what your interpretation was on the same fruit. Just tried a Kanzi, and you were spot on...a good apple, but even the bag had a bit too many adjectives of praise...then I looked at their moonbeam website!

    1. Thanks, Red! I think I mostly get them right, or pretty close to right. And I am always very interested to hear when I do not.

  2. I have put a note on my master orchard calendar to send you apples in 2020! I enjoy your very descriptive reviews! I run out of adjectives and flavor notes to describe my 1,400 apple varieties. Now they have not all had fruit yet but one weekend this year we had almost 200 varieties for people to choose at our UPic

    We are in SE Ohio and our earliest apple was on June 28th, White Joanetting, heirloom from England. With a few varieties still having apples on the trees at Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks for thinking of me, Derek! Have a great year.

    2. Say, Derek, someone is asking for you in comments here, if you care to help out!


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