Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcoming another season

An early Vista Bella promises the harvest to come.
Earlier this year I found I had nothing to say here. For four months.

But the hope of another harvest, and encounters with four new varieties in June and July, have got me going again.

Adam's Apples is fundamentally seasonal. Silence in the springtime should perhaps be expected. But I do have a backlog of off-season posts I nearly got in good enough shape to publish.

I certainly did not stop thinking about apples during the less-fruited part of the year, any more than a man in a desert stops thinking about water. Nor was I completely silent, as some lively exchanges on the comments of this blog drew me in. (Hooray, readers!)

This blog has changed since my first post 8 years ago. I've grown more knowledgeable about apples as I've exhausted most of the easy-to-find varieties.

Of the 25 apples I reviewed since the start of the last harvest, only 2 were local (though several more were from the Northeast). The rest came from the kindness of readers, or from apple tourism.

This year? We'll see!

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  1. If you're considering opportunities for apple tourism, you might try the Bayfield Apple Festival ( I've been try to get to it for a couple years now - maybe this fall.


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