Saturday, July 9, 2016

The pomacious fruit notches another win

Hummus is healthier than you probably think. And don't ask about the granola bars.

Tuesday's New York Times juxtaposed popular opinions about different foods with the views of nutritionists.

There were some interesting discrepancies, as with the granola bars: 28% of nutritionists rated them as healthy, versus 71% of the general public. (They are basically square cookies disguised as health food.)

Topping the list of healthy foods loved by both, however, was our favorite fruit (tied with oranges). 99% of nutritionists, and 96% of the public, rate apples as healthy.

Even the Environmental Working Group, which each spring issues a warning about the pesticides found in commercial apples and other produce, advises that it is still healthier to eat this fruit than to refrain from doing so. (Better yet, the group suggests, apples are especially good candidates for buying organic.)

So. Who is that nutritionist who thinks apples aren't healthy?

Thanks to my New York corespondent for this item.

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