Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Copley Square Farmers Market, Boston

Some of the wealth at Copley Square
Cities draw good things to eat, as farmers bring their crops to where the people are.

So, my first trip to Boston's Copley Square Farmers Market yesterday was long overdue.

There I found 30 varieties of apples for sale, including two that were wholly new to me (reviews forthcoming).

This market is open for business on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11 am to 6 pm from mid May until Thanksgiving. Tuesday November 26 is the last day this year.

Copley apples
Here it is on a map.

Framed by iconic churches and the Boston Public Library, Copley Square hosts more than three dozen vendors, though not all come to town both days of the week.

Copley may be Boston's largest farmers market (the venerable Haymarket, also worth a visit, is a different sort of thing).

Many of the vendors there sell apples, mostly well-known varieties like Gala or Fuji. The great wealth of apples was shared between just two farms.

The City of Boston maintains admirable (and sortable) on-line listings of markets and food trucks within city limits.

Some of the stalls at the market, with Trinity Church and the base of the Hancock Tower in the background.


  1. Can you tell which varieties are the most popular?

    1. Well generally I think the supermarket apples, with Red Delicious leading the pack, outsell all others.

      (Maybe not at Farmers market, though Red D was present.)

      Honeycrisp is still quite popular, and in the Northeast Mcintosh and Macoun are almost cult apples.

  2. Hi Adam. I'd like to know which unusual apples you found there. Perhaps I will have to get myself into Boston. Thanks!

    1. Jean, unusual is an eye-of-beholder sort of thing. But on beyond Red Delicious included Northern Spy, Melrose AND Melrouge, Sutton Beauty, Suncrisp, Opalescent, Wolf River, and New York.

      How about them apples?


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