Monday, October 28, 2013

Golden Blush

From the outside, here is the only way that Golden Blush is not like Blushing Golden: It's a lot bigger.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Same cheerful yellow with pale orange-pink blush. Same occasional dark red beauty mark. Many small green lenticels similarly fading in the blush.

Even the name is similar, which is really the tip off.

Separated at birth? Blushing Golden, ca. 2008
The stem well is deep and the calyx is open. The apple smells sweetly of cider.

Inside the flesh is very firm, crisp and juicy. The flesh is on the coarse side, a pale yellow white. There are banana notes with a whisper of vanilla. Overall this one is well balanced, sweet-tart.

Note: People who hate hard apples will not like this one.

This is not exactly the same flavor profile as my other Blushing Goldens (but similar), but then I have never eaten one in October before. They hit their stride around Thanksgiving and can be spectacular in December.

Even early, this variety is refreshing, juicy, and good.

The grower did not know much about this apple, which was growing on the property when she bought it. It was, she said, an heirloom. (Blushing Golden is a recent variety.)

"Golden Blush: Heirloom Variety"
But here is what I think. Golden Blush walks and talks like the proverbial duck, and is almost certainly Blushing Golden. Other growers started selling it following week.

I have also seen growers call this one "Blushing Gold." Similar variation and imprecision are not uncommon.

Subtract the information from the apple, and you still have the apple. You just lack the story. But I prefer to have both.

Oh, and the super-size Blushing Golden thing? I'm stocking up to eat them in December.


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