Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weak week of early apples

On Monday I bicycled to the Bedford Farmers Market. Only one vendor there sells apples and I was not surprised that he had none yet.

On Tuesday I went likewise to Lexington's Farmers Market, which includes three apple farmers. One had these Vista Bellas, frequently first out of the gate here.

Unfortunately these were early at best. One was white-pipped-spongey-fleshed unripe; another was just very green and tart.

Another orchard had apples claimed to be, of all things, Mutsu, which the sellers insisted were fresh off the tree. How could I resist? However, this would be months ahead of time for the true Mutsu.

Whatever their story, these are edible and pleasant, but nearly flavorless.

Wednesday is Arlington's Farmers Market, where three other apple farmers ply their wares (including vegetables and stone fruit). Not an apple to be found, though one vendor has sold Vista Bella in years past.

That same vendor had Vista Bellas on Thursday at Belmont's Farmers Market. Another had unripe Lodi apples. The other two apple vendors forbore picking early.

I suppose the pressures to go to market early must be very strong, or maybe the growers just don't care. These are lovely varieties at peak.

There are other Farmers Markets on other days of the week, of course, but these four are my mainstays.

Here's a map of these places, if you'd like to visit them.

And here's to a better second week of the apple season.


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