Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Apples on the Web: Heirlooms in the Ark

Slow Food USA identifies 129 heirloom apple varieties for its Ark of Taste, from American Beauty (reviewed here) to Yeats.

This is an interesting catalog, including may photos, and I should like to taste every one of them. Unfortunately, there are detailed descriptions of only a few of the selected varieties (seven at this writing), and no simple way to find them!

Until now, that is. Links below:

Capitol Reef
Granite Beauty
Harrison Cider
Hauer Pippin
Newtown Pippin
Sierra Beauty

To make matters more confusing, not all of these seven are on the list of 129.

Slow Food USA, like its international counterpart, promotes local food, biodiversity, and appreciation of good things to eat.


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