Saturday, September 26, 2009

One perfect apple

Yesterday I pedaled out to Nagog Hill Orchard in Littleton. This is an agreeably bare-bones pick-your-own place, but of course you can buy by the pound and they have a lot of trees and varieties from which to chose.

There's not a lot of room in my bike bag and I only bought one, a Macoun. The woman behind the table helpfully offered a paper towel to protect the apple, a nice thing to do because Macouns bruise easily.

By the time I got to Bedford all the little jostles and jounces had rubbed that apple inside the paper towel to fine polished perfection. I did not pick the apple with looks in mind, especially, but it was one pretty specimen, tapered, lobed, and glossy, with lenticel freckles seeming to rise from the base of the apple like bubbles in a champaign glass.

Sorry, I did not have my camera with me, and besides sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy.

Exercise and appetite make the best sauce, but this was about the most perfect apple I can remember, each bite a crunchy chunk of balanced flavors soaring in a vinous sea.

Consider this the best time to get your hands on some Macouns; they are at their peak, at least around here.


  1. Who needs a photo with verbiage like that?

  2. Rebecca, I blush like a Mac in the sun!

    Apparently my photos are a gateway to this blog for many people. Seems they use Google's "image search feature" to find my photo, which leads them here.

    It took me a while to decipher that part of the web logs for this site.

    This week my "Big Apple" photo seems to be attracting attention.

    It's a nice image, but I can't for the life of me figure out how people are googling it--what search terms they are using. (Web logs don't say.)


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