Friday, January 23, 2009

Apples on the Web: Fruit Slinger

In June of 2007, a journalist named Dan began blogging his experience working at an heirloom fruit farm in Illinois and selling the fruit at farmers markets in Chicago.

I didn't discover Fruit Slinger until last fall, at which point I was already blogging about eating heirloom (and other) fruit and buying same at farmers market.

The appeal for me is obvious, but I also commend Fruit Slinger to you, dear reader, both for its often-luscious photographs and the quality of its writing. I think of it as a companion blog to this one, in a way (flattering myself in the process).

Dan has also spent time cooking with his fruit and documenting his efforts.

Fruit Slinger is a seasonal blog (and Dan may be done with it for good) so nothing much is happening right now, but if we're lucky he will return in June. In the mean time blogger Dan has thoughtfully provided a list of highlights in his sidebar, and has made a pdf file of blog excerpts, or you can just dive in anywhere.

Update: Dan did return after January of 2009. Alas, he has allowed his domain to lapse and its been taken over by a squatter.

The best I can do is to provide a link to the archived version, which is not complete.

Still well worth a look though.


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