Thursday, July 24, 2014

Seasons' greetings!

Red Vista Bella and green Lodi from yesterday's market.
The first local apples of the harvest are cause for celebration.

Biting into these tart local fruits blows away the cobwebs of the supermarket-sweet apples I've been living on this spring and summer.

The red Vista Bellas, though perhaps not perfectly at peak, are quite well developed with characteristic fruit-candy notes.

The Lodis are quite large this year but are a bit further from their ideal. They are quite nice to have in my mouth and belly, but are a tiny bit spongey and not at full flavor. (No surprise.)

These early apples are seasonal pallet cleansers, hinting at delights to come.

Thank you to Cripps, Jazz, and the other industrial apples I've been enjoying, but I am well and truly ready for what the harvest will bring.

Lodi for sale yesterday, right behind the peaches.


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