Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Golden Russet Revised

I now suspect that my original Golden Russet review may have been based on the wrong apple. In any case, it does not describe a representative sample of this variety, several of which I have been enjoying since Thanksgiving.

Consequently I plan on retitling have retitled my first review "Mystery Russet" and will post have posted a new Golden Russet description shortly.

I originally bought an apple so labeled from Kimball Farm at the Arlington Farmer's Market in October, and wrote up a review accordingly. I'd have bought more than one but was back then was straining to taste as many of the then-dizzying number of varieties as I could.

That apple was interesting but a little mealy. I did the best I could with it.

A month later I bought a half dozen Golden Russets from Red Apple Farm out in Phillipston. These have been consistently crisp and good in the nearly four weeks since. Russet apples generally keep well.

Compared to the mystery russet these are smaller and more russeted, in both respects more consistent with photos and descriptions of this variety found online.

However, the mystery russet could still be Golden, just an anomalous one. The differences in flavor and texture could be accounted for by poor storage.

Update: Its no mystery, it's a Roxbury Russet.


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