Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Our winter beauty is an exceptionally dark Macoun.


  1. Happy Holidays Adam!

    I've been chowing down on organic Ambrosias ( the last several weeks. The ones we are getting at our local supermarket are not as red as the ones shown in the link, they are a beautiful combination of red and gold. Very large apples, juicy and sweet.

  2. What an interesting description. (It calls this variety "precocious"--does it taste precocious?)

    Now that the harvest is done, New England is again at the tail end of the supply chain. I don't think we even get Ambrosias, though I'll look for it.

    Right now is more the Fuji & Braeburn apples from Washington state (though we do grow them here), plus Empires, Cortlands, Macs, and some Macouns; there are also some Honeycrisps about. I'll be paying more attention to these in the new year.

  3. The picture of the dark Macoun is particularly seasonal; could be an ornament on a tree.

    Did you get my email to your at home account?

  4. Oh, and as far as it tasting "precocious", I can't tell from taste if the variety produces blossoms before leaves (I was a TA for my 200 level Botany class). However, the label on the one I'm looking at claims that it is from the USA rather than somewhere south of the equator, so I'm skeptical about the prociousness of these apples. Or they are really really good keepers.


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