Saturday, March 14, 2020

Well Red

If you are missing fresh apples this winter as much as I am, you might enjoy a video slide show of red-fleshed apples from the USDA watercolor collection.

Thanks to Bill Lyon, a Twitter friend, for pulling this together.

Some of the apples included in this collection seem different to me from others.

There are many apples, such as Red Astrakhan, that can develop a deep red blush that bleeds into the flesh, although this does not always happen.

I have seen this with other varieties too, if allowed to ripen on the tree.

But I have always thought this was a different mechanism of "red" than such red-fleshed varieties as Pink Pearl and Almata, which are bred to be red from the asian crabapple Malus niedzwetzkyana.

I have tried a few of those apples.

Social notes

This is a seasonal blog that ebbs and flows. I hadn't expected to ebb quite as much as I have of late, but it is what it is.

Bill Lyon's Twitter focus is cider. You can check him out even without a Twitter account, and/or follow him if you do.

I am there too.

Video courtesy of Bill Lyon.


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