Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Baby Baldwin

Unripe but partially blushed apple on the branch

Any day now the apple harvest will begin. The soon-to-be-picked apples—Lodi, Vista Bella—are recognizable on the tree.

Most of the later season apples, at this point, look pretty much alike, unless you peer very closely.

They are round, they are green, and they do not look ready to eat.

But don't you think that baby Baldwin, above, is very like?

Round, red, mature apple
All grown up: Baldwin is harvested in October.

Not mature, not ready to eat, but three months out the blush and russetted lenticels have already start to make their appearance.

Unripe apple on the branch, faintly blushed

Neoteny anticipates maturity.

Thanks to a friendly farmer for guiding me to these apples in Harvard on Sunday.



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