Monday, July 23, 2018

10 Years of Adam's Apples

Ten years ago today, in my very first blog post, I said,

Neither a farmer nor a gourmet, I can't promise technical explanations or rarefied flights of fancy.

Still, there is a rich variety of apples still available here in New England, including many heirlooms.

If you don't know these apples, prepare to be amazed.

Maybe there has been a rarified flight of fancy or two. Still, my best work here is when the prose gets out of the way and the apples speak.

The original idea was to blog about apples for a year and see what there was to learn.

There have been dry periods but there is still plenty to know about apples and the people who love them.

In honor of my tenth year I am going to indulge in some nostalgia and revisit the early days of my blog.

With a little little web-fu, I've got this blog in chronological order from the first post (unlike the backwards flow that is standard for blogs).

Join me if you want to see a greenhorn grappling with something new and interesting, rough edges and all.

I will further indulge myself with some requests to you, my readers.

First, please keep reading and, if you like, sharing your thoughts in comments to blog posts.

Second, I hope that sometime this year you will share something of mine that you like on your favorite social channel. (If you do not have any favoriate social media, well okay.)

Or with a friend who likes, or ought to like, the pomacious fruit.

I plan to do my part, and am looking forward to seeing what the 2018 harvest will bring.

tiny image of an Opalescent apple


  1. Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. 10 years with a high post count per year is a significant achievement.

    1. Thanks! Of course I like to think there is a qualitative achievement level too, at least some of the time.

  2. Good work.

    I don't have any social media presence, but I will continue to read and participate here.

  3. 10 years is a long time to keep running a blog!

    I'll definitely keep reading your blog as we head into apple season. Btw, I just realized that you never reviewed Rome/Rome Beauty. I know it's primarily a cooking/baking apple, but it seems to be quite prevalent here in the mid-Atlantic orchards (or am I missing something?)

    1. Oh, you got me! There is a reason, too long for a comment and not (really) worth telling. But it is no slam on Rome, which I am sure I will review some day.

  4. And thanks everybody for your good wishes!

  5. I love going onto this blog and learning what there is to learn about different apples. You claim to be an amateur, but despite this there are always articulate and effective reviews of these apples to be found here, and since you've been doing it so long, perhaps you are more than an amateur. Congrats on ten years.

    1. Hi Jacob, and thanks.

      My use of "amateur" is deliberately old-fashioned, reflecting the idea of "a lover of something" (l. amat). In Victorian times, amateur scientist advanced human knowledge.

      "Amateur" also makes clear that I am self-taught, and do not make a living at this.

      I agree that a little knowledge seems to have rubbed off on me over the years!


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