Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Apple Snob

As the saying goes: blogging = focus + voice.

I've nailed the focus bit. But sometimes I fret about the voice.

Meet the Apple Snob, an online persona I have played with, though only in my head.

Dashing fellow with a bicycle
Tally ho!

Because who does not like a little knowing snark with their fruit?

The Apple Snob is well dressed, if eccentrically so. He affects hats and jackets and maybe knickerbockers.

Certainly facial hair or a pipe.

He is knowing and witty, and has dash and an impeccable inner style. From his pose of casual superiority, he invites you to join him.

Laugh with him as he mocks Red Delicious and the clueless unsophisticates who think they are good to eat. Join him in sneering at the boring old supermarket varieties.

Bask in his knowing, if world-weary, smile. Savor his rants and arch commentary. Have a little fun with this apple stuff, by gosh!

It would be entertaining to be the Apple Snob, at least for a little while. And maybe fun for you to hang with him. But here's the thing.

I'm not that guy. I don't hate your apple, whatever it is, even if I do not personally love it the way you do.

I just like to sample and talk about every apple there is.

So, someone else will have to be the Snob, or at least play him on TV.

And my blogging voice is

Another dashing chap

The images in this blog post are in the public domain.


  1. Thanks dAdam, I am new to your blog and enjoy your posts about all the different varieties of apples. I too am a apple nut, am starting an heirloom apple orchard in Iowa saving all the old varieties that are still growing here. I agree with you about the red delicious, it isn’t very good now after so many changes through the years, but it always hasn’t been bad tasting. When it was called the Hawkeye, it tasted so much better and there is not a hint of today’s red delicious. I have acces to a very old Hawkeye tree and will try and send you a few this coming fall if I can get some without coddling moth holes.

    1. Hi Gordon! I have written several times about the sporting of Hawkeye. I did not know that anyone still grew the original version!

      Are those Hawkeyes on your profile page, btw?

    2. Yes those are Hawkeye apples on my profile page. As you can see they are shaped differently, more like a strawberry. They are lightly striped but still have the 5 bumps on the bottom of the apple.


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