Saturday, October 31, 2015

The hinge of autumn

Halfway between the September equinox and the December solstice, this weekend marks a profound change in the calendar.

Jack o’lantern apple

Outside the trees are ablaze and some warmth lingers in the day. Leaves crunch under foot. A fine time for a walk or a hike or three.

The markets and farm stands are full of good things from the earth. This fall’s apple crop was an especially good haul.

But look deeper and you will see that the brilliant leaves are barely clinging to the branches.

The harvest is in. The apple trees are nearly bare. The nights are cold, and the end of daylight savings time lets darkness fill the late afternoon.

The change that has been secretly underway will soon make its dramatic appearance.

Sometime in the next few weeks a storm will come and rip all the leaves from the trees at once, and bleak November will be upon us.

If you haven’t stocked up on keeper apples, now is a good time.

Happy Halloween.


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