Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crabapple square dance

With Gingergold towering behind, diminutive Wickson (left front) and Chestnut crabs do-si-do in early September. (Alas, wonderful Wickson was harvested much too early.)


  1. Where did you find Chestnut? I've still never tasted it...

    Saw Wickson for the first time ever at retail, on Saturday in Union Square at the Kimball Fruit stand. The pips were brown, but I feel like they still didn't taste quite ripe. Didn't stop me from buying a bunch though.

    1. Holly, they are well worth seeking

      The Chestnut in the photo isi, like the under-ripe Wickson (what a shame!), from Kimball. Maybe they will have them in Davis this week.

      I also got some at the end of August from Keough. Mac's, in New Hampshire, also grows them.


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