Monday, August 25, 2014

So long, Phil's Apples

One of my favorite U-picks is out of business and up for sale.

Phil's in 2008
For sale in 2014

I took this photo in front of the property last week.

In an era of moon-bouncing Morris-dancing hay-riding corn mazes at orchards, Phil's (map) was a breath of uncluttered fresh air.

Phil Rymsha passed away last year, and new owners tried to make a go of it. Well, farming isn't easy.

When I rode by last week, the trees were bearing fruit.

The screened-in porch where Phil and his brother operated their cider press and sold unpasturized sweet cider is the honor system was gone.

With the grass thick and trimmed and the garage doors shut the place looked like an unremarkable modern home.

At the moment the property is listed online, complete with a drawing of the house, asking $525k. Granite countertops.

The listing also mentions the apple trees, but on the Facebook page for Phil's Apples someone (a family member perhaps?) has written, "Looks like the orchard is being subdivided."

This will not be news to some but it was a blow to come upon that sign.

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  1. So sad. I was looking forward to seeing him again and buying the cider after being away for a few years. Sad for all


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