Saturday, November 16, 2013

Querina (Florina)

This large handsome apple is blushed an attractive red that is quite saturated on the sunward side.

Coverage is so complete that it is not possible to see any unblushed peel, but it must be a shade of yellow because the more-attenuated blush takes on a slight orange tinge.

Querina, or Florina, is conical, classically shaped, and ribbed with distinct lobes and also bumps at the base. Light lenticels provide an attractive accent, and one sample has patches of a smoky-blue bloom. Another has a lightning bolt of russet down the side.

The apple has a sweet cider aroma and feels quite firm in hand. Biting in, however, is a bit tender, coarse-grained butter-white flesh that is even a little granular.

This flesh bears moderate well-balanced flavors of cider and pleasingly, cantaloup, which provides a lush quality.

Querina would be quite good were the texture better. Did I miss peak on these? Maybe, but the seller says Querina is a good keeper. The peel is chewy.

Querina is the trademark for Florina, developed in France in the 1970s. It is a cross between Jonathan and an unnamed Co-op variety (PRI 612-1) whose family includes Red and Golden Delicious.

(For the hard-core apple nerd, it is [Red Delicious Starking × (Golden Delicious × [Rome Beauty x M. floribunda 821])] x Jonathan, although some sources give 612-1 as the pollen parent.)


  1. I tried Querina for the first time a few days ago. It has been one of the best apples of the season. I bought about half a dozen, which were grown organically in NW Connecticut. When sampling different apples several family members thought these stood out (along with Golden Russet).

    They were completely red (a dark shade) and their brix was pretty high, in the 15.5-17.5 range. The texture was very firm and crunchy. The flavor was sweet, a bit like a Fuji, but with lots more kick. There was a nice perfumed aftertaste.

    1. I'm just going to have to try Querina again next year.

      In the mean time I am very pleased to have your more-favorable account to balance out my experience.


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