Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remembering the apple harvest

If you miss the apple season as much as I do, you will enjoy Steven Edholm's recapitulation of the harvest on his farm.

In a recent post on his blog, Turkeysong, Steven shares his apple tasting notes for the second half of his growing season, which, since he is located near Ukiah, California, lasts until late January.

Steven has eclectic tastes and has planted some unusual varieties, including Wickson, Newtown Pippin, and Grenadine, a novelty apple with deep red flesh.

His reviews are short and evocative and illustrated with his gorgeous photos. How can you not admire such pithy lines line as "The perfect apple for people who like to chew on lemons," even if you do not agree? (Steven was describing Karmejn de Sonneville picked early.)

This is the sequel to a similar post about summer and early-fall apples. Pull up the memories and breath deep.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I expected Karmijn de Sonneville to mellow, but it never did much. It got sweeter, but maintained an acidity that really demanded attention. Hopefully I'll have more of them to taste for a long time coming, but it hasn't been a stellar performer here so far. Karmijn is basically just becoming settled in enough to be edible at all. Anyway, I was kind of thinking of those people who like the grocery store granny smiths which are totally green and very tart (that was me when I was a kid BTW). My Karmijns were close to that acidity level, but with some great flavor. Even the later ones were surely acidic enough to turn off people who like a sweet apple.

    Red fleshed apples are going to be big. There are several programs working on them now and what with the whole prevailing interest in antioxidants, I don't see how they can fail to succeed if they are of good quality. Even mediocre quality Grenadines are really well received by folks because the of the color and the remarkably different flavor. I have my own mini red-fleshed breeding program going, which I'll probably blog about soon. I have lots of apple blogs simmering on the back burner.


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