Monday, November 12, 2012

No more apples this year

The trees at Red Apple Farm have been picked bare for weeks.
My personal subtitle for this photo is, No cider for me next June.

I usually freeze a half gallon of unpasturized sweet apple cider in November and then haul it out of suspended animation in the late spring or summer.

To that end, I stopped off earlier today at Red Apple Farm in Phillipston enroute to the Pioneer Valley.

Red Apple presses some great cider. I had hoped to get some at the farm's final appearance at the Lexington Farmers Market, but that was cancelled (along with the market) by Hurricane Sandy.

I've been to Red Apple in other Novembers and been impressed by the wealth of apple choices available after the harvest was in. Today there were only two, McIntosh and Golden Delicious.

They still have a little cider, but only in gallon jugs—too big, alas, for my freezer.

A reminder that the season is over but the shouting, and that it's time to eat like a pirate.


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