Monday, March 5, 2012

The Tree Party wants you

The Boston Tree Party is recruiting fruit-tree-planting delegations for its second year.

Photo courtesy Boston Tree Party
Last spring the Party organized 35 delegations and planted twice as many heirloom apple trees in public spaces here in eastern Massachusetts, from Dorchester to Southie (South Boston) to Lincoln to Medford to Scituate.

The purpose, according to Tree party founder Lisa Gross (speaking at TEDxBoston last summer) is not just to "make fresh healthy food available to all" and "green our cities" but also to "promote the fruits of civic engagement."

Delegations plant and care for matched pollinating pairs of apple trees in parks, at schools, and in other public spaces. The group provides trees, expertise, and support.

"Apples are a democratic fruit," says Gross. And how! The new delegations start planting in six weeks. Sign up here.


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