Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring cleaning

Notice anything different?

I've upgraded the software behind this site. While I've tried very hard to make this switch invisibly, if you use a browser that is not standards-compliant such as Internet Explorer you may notice changes in appearance.

The new software will let me add new features for this blog over the next few months, or I would not put you through this experiment.

It is optional, though, so I hope you will tell me about any problems that make it unacceptable. I value all my readers very much.

From my own tests I think that although some of the design elements on this blog may not render perfectly on Internet Explorer, my blogs posts do (and that's what you are here for, right?). Also all of the links work as expected.

However if you notice real problems with the new software I hope you will drop me a line about it or leave a comment here.

Thanks for reading.


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