Friday, February 20, 2009

Apples (and other things) on the web: The Fruit Blog

This eclectic blog, started by a scientist when he was "a PhD student, working in strawberry genetics," defies neat categorization. So, think of The Fruit Blog as ye old fruit curiosity shop—the boing boing of botany.

Here you will find not just posts about durians and medlars, but about a medlar variety that is, apparently, indigenous to North America. (Or perhaps not.)

Under the name Evil Fruit Lord, this blogger explores not just oddities but also breeding issues, taxonomy, and news of new varieties of fruit. All kinds of fruit (and not just evil ones), easily sortable ("apples" is one variety, but look further). Sometimes the Evil Fruit Lord tastes and describes these for us. His posts, and many of the far-ranging comments, sometimes go clear down to DNA.

It is a pleasure to watch his curiosity at work.

The Fruit Blog also sports many relevant links and photos, and a separate forum for questions and discussions. Evil FL has been at it with only minor hiatuses for four years (gaining his doctorate on the way), and there's lots to see here. I've hardly done the thing justice, so if this whets your appetite you should really check it out for yourself.


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