Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is Not An Apple

It's an Asian Pear. I like them.

This fruit is medium-small, but they can grow large. The skin is a rough golden brown with light spots, and the flesh is crisp, sweet, coarse-grained, and very juicy--like, but denser than, the flesh of a watermelon.

Hints of pear (duh) and brown sugar.

The flavor is light and sweet and watery, and eating one is refreshing.


  1. these are called Naashi Pears here in Australia... and I agree with your description entirely

  2. Yes, these are wonderful out of hand eaters! Perfectly crisp and juicy when ripe. Normally quite rare in our grocery stores, but delectable. Wonder how easy/hard to grow t'would be at 7.500 ft??


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