Monday, July 23, 2012


In my first post four years ago today, I proposed "to blog a year of apples" to test the proposition that "blogging about apples will be a fun way to use the web to view the world."

This project began as self-directed professional development, to learn not only about apples but also about writing for online media like blogs.

My first "year of apples" is long past and my professional-growth mission is largely accomplished. So, what am I doing here, besides having fun?

The rewards of this blog are their own justification, but I realize that I have developed a loose agenda along the way, and I owe it to my readers to make that explicit.

It is this. I think more people should appreciate and eat more kinds of apples. Not my favorites, especially, because tastes vary.

Looking back, I realize that the impulse to guide and share and dare people to try something new has animated this blog for several years.

Variety: The spice of life.
It was towards that end that I've added features like my seasonal, visual, and topical guides.

Also my "You may also like..." series, which suggests new apples to try based on personal favorites.

If you approve of this mission, you can play too. Tell your friends about the great apples they've never heard of. Use this blog as a resource if you like.

In the sidebar at right are buttons and links to share this blog on social networks or to follow the action here yourself. At the very bottom of the sidebar is a tool that will let you subscribe by email.

If enough of us ask for interesting beyond-the-supermarket apples, perhaps farmers will be so good as to grow more of them for us.

For my part, Adam's Apples remains, at heart, a personal exploration. I do not know where it will lead and make no promises for the future.

However, with more than 150 apple varieties in my opinionated catalog, I plan a few projects to make this blog more useful to people who are trying to decide which apple to eat.

Try something new!


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