Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've begun posting about apples on Twitter, the 140-character-limit news-and-networking service, under the name @adapples.

Most of the apples on Twitter are computers, though the grower Stemilt uses its Twitter account to keep followers up to date about what is fresh in its store on the Columbia River in western Washington.

This would be a great way for growers to let the apple-hungry public know what is ready for picking in the orchard each day. (What's that you say? You have work to do? Oh.)

I'll begin by tweeting about posts on this blog, also listing apples I find in orchards and markets using the hashtag #atmkt ("at market").

Proposition to Twitter users: If you tweet similar market reports using the #atmkt tag, I will retweet them.

If this strikes you as an internet gimmick too far, have no fear! I'll keep posting here. But I hope to have fun and learn a few things on Twitter too.


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