Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sutton Beauty **

Medium-sized Sutton Beauty has a dark red blush, a little dull and a little streaky, speckled with small tan lenticels that are grouped mostly away from the deepest-blushed region.

The peel is a lively spring green but nearly entirely covered.

Sutton is classically shaped and has only a hit of ribbing visible at the base.

In hand it is rock hard and has a strong aroma of sweet cider.

Inside off-white flesh is crisp, slightly coarse-grained, and very juicy, breaking off in nice chunks.

Well-balanced flavors are mild and bear cane sugar, and, early on, floral notes followed by some vinousness. There is a fleeting hint of something faintly like corn or grain.

The peel persists and lends a more vegetable quality to the finish. There is a very pleasant astringency.

This is a delightful and attractive old-fashioned apple whose crisp sweetness ought to appeal to modern tastes. I will be looking for more next fall.

This variety originated in 19th Century Sutton, Massachusetts. It is not the English variety that sometimes bears the same name (more often called Dumelow's Seedling).

The Town of Sutton helpfully identifies the Waters homestead, now a historic site, as the location of the original tree (map).


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