Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yellow Transparent (White Transparent) **

I got three pretty little Yellow Transparent apples at Lexington's farmers market last Tuesday.

These are small-to-medium apples with pale yellow-green skin attractively set off by darker green speckles. One has a faint pink blush about an inch in diameter. The flesh is white and fine-grained with yellow-green highlights and is pleasingly crisp with a satisfying crunch.

The Yellow Transparent has a delicate flavor with lime and vanilla notes and a good balance of tart and sweet. Really, this is a surprisingly sophisticated taste for such an early apple. There is a mildly acid finish and a hint of astringency. The thin skin just vanishes into the flesh when you eat it.

One of my test apples was not nearly so good--less flavorful and softer, almost a different apple in the mouth. So have more than one. Hey, they're small.

Update: These apples were sold as "Lodi" and for two years I thought that is what they were. I've corrected the name. Sorry for any confusion.

Meanwhile, I took another bite at Yellow Transparent here.

Further Update: This head-to-head Lodi–Yellow Transparent comparison should help clear up any lingering confusion about which apple is which.


  1. These apples look delicious! Thank you for sharing your blog with us.

  2. Thank you! I didn't realize I had any readers yet.


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