Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter is coming

The markets are still filled with fruit, and memories of harvest bounty linger.

But the trees are bare or nearly so. If you want local apples to eat in December it's time to start stocking up. Otherwise, it will be hit or miss at the supermarket until July.

Arkansas Black
Winter apples, or keepers, stay good in storage. Many improve there.

I've already got some Suncrisps to eat this winter. I'm holding off on buying Blushing Golden for a week or two because my fridge is already bursting.

These are fine off the tree, but are superb in December.

I only managed to find a few Arkansas Black apples this year, alas, and the orchard that promised me Winter Bananas proved false.

No handsome, durable Enterprise this year either, now that Phil's is gone.

Gold Rush
But I seem to have a solid lock on some Gold Rush, king of keepers. I look forward to eating these in April. (April!)

I also have some dark red Stayman Winesaps, already very good and likely to get better. For the near term there are such delicacies as Baldwin, Golden Russet, and Cox's Orange Pippin.

My advice: Look about you and see what's left. Stock up. It snowed here today. Winter is coming!


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