Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rubinette *

My tiny Rubinette is in rough shape.

There's a bruise in the middle of its streaky red blush. The unblushed yellow-green peel is wrinkled. Squeeze this classically shaped, slightly ribbed apple and there is give.

And yet.

The coarse yellow flesh is still crisp, if tender, and very juicy. The sweet-tart balance is spot on and there are rich flavors of oranges and lemons plus a little generic nuttiness that borders on vanilla.

There's nothing about this sample that is typical or even optimal. But I'd love to have a few that are.

Rubinette is a highly regarded modern offspring of two of the world's most-bred apples, Golden Delicious x Cox's Orange Pippin. Based even on my flawed tasting I would call it a happy union. The Cox's ancestry is strong in this one.

Richard Borrie, writing at Orange Pippin, praises this variety for its consistency (if one can manage to grow it) and its "superb flavor.... [T]he balance of sweet and sharp is probably the best of any apple."


  1. Yessssssss....!! I was introduced to these a couple of seasons ago, a local orchard grows them so I am fortunate enough to pick my own. Still the best apple I have ever tasted.

  2. You must retaste an optimal Rubinette. The others experiences and reviews are too good for your 1 star rank.

    1. Noted! But they are not so easy to come by, here.

    2. Just picked up a few yesterday at Pietree Orchards Sweden, ME. Also had Bramley's Seedling awhile back.


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