Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Puritan *

As told previously, I bought two of these on August 5th at Lexington's Farmers Market. They're not bad!

This is a medium-sized apple with just a hint of ribs. The blush is streaky and a little washed out. There is a some russetting in the stem well.

The taste begins tart, with pine notes, but then fades as does that of most early apples. Exceptionally crisp and crunchy for an early apple. The dense white flesh has green highlights and calves just a little when bitten, with only slight softness afterwards. I wonder, in fact, if these are a little unripe. (Maybe they're better that way.)

The finish is pleasingly astringent.

So, not a fashion plate, but toothsome. I wish I'd snagged a few more of these—they're better than the Jersey Macs.


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