Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jonagored (Jona-Go-Red) *

Jona-gored? Worst name ever, but let's eat it.

This apple is "just" a sport of Jonagold, but is redder and much, much bigger. My sample approached King Luscious territory, and was far from the largest in the bin.

The fruit has a classic ribbed conical shape and a very pretty red blush, though streaky, crackled with russet that masks the large tan lenticels. The unblushed skin is more yellow than green.

Quite firm (and hefty!) to hold, smelling sweetly of cider and a little of that honeyed Golden Delicious perfume.

Jonagored's flesh is a first-rate coarse light yellow, very juicy and sweet, tempered with a little tartness. It is uncomplicated to eat, with generic spice flavors, a hint of vinousness, and a whisper of honey. These are big, easy flavors, and the apple is very satisfying.

The patent for this sport of Jonagold (now expired) says it is redder and bigger than its parent, and a good keeper. I find it has better flavors too.


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