Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Only one orchard in the world grows this apple.

Chipper, named for an owner of the Locust Grove Fruit Farm, has a pedestrian appearance: Medium to large, slight ribbed and slightly conical, with a dull red blush of varying saturation that covers about half the pale-yellow green peel.

Although I bought this apple in late December, it is still reasonably firm, with a sweet cider aroma. Its calyx is open.

The fine-grained flesh, a very light yellow, is yielding and clearly on its way to mealy. It is strikingly floral and sweet. Flavors are indistinct but there are some vinous qualities and one sample includes some apricot.

I am pleasantly surprised by these tastes and wish I had found these in October, when I guess these were probably picked.

"Chipper" is nothing so grand as an official variety name. Locust Grove found this apple growing on the farm and let it bear. If the growers choose they can patent and commercialize it.

It's beyond me to extrapolate back to peak from an apple in December, but I would say that this variety has potential to be interesting.

Chipper may deserve stronger praise than I can give this time around.


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