Saturday, September 22, 2012

Second nibble

I was underwhelmed, last year, by Lamb Abbey Pearmain but decided I should give it a second chance if that became possible. Fortunately I found another this year.

This sample, like last years', is small, less than 2 inches high. Compared to the earlier examples it is less blushed and more-typically pearmain shaped, slightly conical and with a little ribbing.

The red blush is streaky and covers a bit more than half the apple over a yellow spring green. Small green lenticels stand out on the unblushed portion but are difficult to spot inside the blush.

Lamb Abbey's calyx is open and the apple has a sweet smell.

Its flesh is white with a green tint and reasonably juicy but only moderately crisp--not much of a crunch at all. The flavors are well balanced and include the tantalizing notes of toasted grain and savory that I found before.

This is unusual enough to be of interest, and would make a nice complement in a tasting medley. But my assessment from last year stands unchanged.


  1. I like to varieties. In part, because so few are available to me in Ontario.

  2. Replies
    1. The best part of this time of year is the choices. Variety, as a quality, trumps any one variety, however beloved.

      Yesterday I had a Macoun and a really terrific Sister of Fortune. Very small crop of the latter this year.


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