Saturday, August 4, 2012

More apple stars

Last week I introduced new qualitative ratings for apples. Today I name another 41 apples that I am evaluating.

All of these deserve at least a one-star rating, which I define as "very good, worth choosing." Some will go on to win two and even three stars.

The ratings are based on an apple's eating qualities. Baking or cider apples that are not good eaten out of hand are not recognized by this system, other fine qualities notwithstanding.

The one-star ratings incorporate seasonality. One-star standards are relative, probably a bit pickier in October than in August.

The following apples are at least worth choosing, in my opinion:
The Golden Russet earns a star
American Beauty (Sterling)AwesomeBlushing GoldenBrockCrimson CrispDaytonDomine (Dominie)EmpireFameuse (Snow)Gold Rush (Goldrush)Golden RussetGranny SmithHoneycrispHunt RussetJonagored (Jona-Go-Red)Junami (Milwa, Diwa)King LusciousLibertyLyscomMcIntoshMollie's DeliciousMutsu (Crispin, Mitsu)Newtown Pippin (Newton Pippin)NovamacOzark GoldPaula RedPink Lady (Cripps Pink)PriscillaReine de Reinettes (King of the Pippins)ResistaRibston PippinSister of Fortune (NY428)Smoothee (Improved Golden Delicious)SpigoldStaymanSwaarSwiss Gourmet (Arlet)Thome EmpireWashington Royal (Palmer Greening)Westfield Seek-No-FurtherWinesap

I broke my big list of rated apples into chunks because it takes time for me to incorporate the ratings into the variety reviews. The first was last week.

There's one more installment to go before I start naming two-star and then three-star varieties.


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