Saturday, December 30, 2017

Careless surprise

I neglected to store my Suncrisps properly, and they wrinkled up.

Inside however the meat of the apple was still sound, and filed with intense flavors of caramel and brown sugar.

Suncrisp is a late-season apple that gets better in storage, which is why I had some. It's also one of those apples that gets rubbery, rather than mealy, as it deteriorates.

Which mine did. I cursed myself, but these new flavors are great.

Here's a question for another winter. Would I also get these deep flavors, without the wrinkles, if I packed Suncrisp up properly until, say February?



  1. I hope to see some of those in my neck of the woods next fall. What other varieties get that texture as it stores? I much prefer that to the awful mealy texture most apples get after a couple months in the fridge crisper.

    1. Anon, probably the king of the rubbery-not-mealy apples is GoldRush. Another example is Lady Alice.


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