Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Regent *

This large glossy apple is apparently a bit fragile, showing many small dings and bruises despite being well packed for its trip from Minnesota.

Somewhat lopsided, Regent is round and a little conical. You really have to peer at it to find any ribbing at all.

Tan lenticels, mostly small, speckle the streaky red blush, which covers a glossy peel that runs from green yellow to a light spring green.

The apple has a faint sweet aroma. Regent's appearance makes me think of the Mac family and so I am hoping for a nice snappy crunch.

Biting in: Not bad! (But not a Honeycrisp-grade crunch either.) The crisp yellow flesh, more fine-grained than otherwise, does not shatter in your mouth but makes a nice retort, and is pretty juicy too.

There’s a hit of B-vitamin savory that is especially obvious on the first bite, and the peel is quite chewy and persists until the end, not in a good way.

In between is a well balanced bundle of fruity flavors: hints of plums and cherries, a bit of melon and, faintly, pineapple, and a nod towards floral. Sometimes the B-vitamins crop up mid bite, sometimes not.

Regent's flavors hang together well. The overall effect is well-balanced and easy to eat, with a laid-back crunch.

The University of Minnesota introduced Regent, a Red Duchess x Red Delicious cross, in the 1960s. It is rated as cold-hardy up to Zone 7.


  1. B-vitamin savory? Oh boy. That one a stretch. Vanilla. Check. I get it. Melon. Im there. Honey. Of course, falling in line.

    But vitamin B? My taste buds needs some schooling :)


  2. Wow! Fantastic Blog. So glad I found you :) Just moved to a new province and looking around for local orchards. Missing the well known ones we left behind, and my favourite seller of Cox's Orange Pippin. I will definitely be looking here when confronted with strange and new to me varieties. Thanks.

    1. Kate,thank you! It is always hard to find a good source for Coxs, so I invite you to post a comment under that or other apple once you locate a source in your new home.


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