Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The pulse of the apple harvest

I'd like to share one of my tools: a stream of tweets from about 50 apple orchards.

This time of year I check it nearly every day at around noon, just to see what the farmers are crowing about. It tells me what's ripe, what's picked out, and what's happening.

Here are some things you do not need to dip your toe into this stream of apple consciousness:
  • a Twitter account
  • a cell phone
  • a how-to
  • a lot of time.

Just click this link: apple tweets.

It's a bit of a firehose, and I never try to read it all. Just a quick check gives me a sense of what's happening down on the farm.

I'm always looking to add more orchards to this list; drop me a line or a tweet (@adapples) or a comment below.

And many kudos to the savvy farmers who tweet their fruit so that people like us can find it!


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