Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mystery managed? You be the judge

Are these the same apple?

Scarlet Blush Mystery

or not?


Here's what they have in common.

Appearance: Medium-sized, light green with partial and streaky red blush, light green spots on the blush, slight ribbing. Note: The Zestar's description includes dark green spots where there is no blush, but that of the mystery apple did not make note of this.

Flesh: Crisp, fine-grained white with green highlights.

Flavor: Juicy, sweetness offset by tart, some spice, hint of banana. Note: The flavors did not match in every particular but were very close. Banana, though I confess I was looking for it on the second tasting, is an unusual signature trait.

The above alone should be conclusive, but here's Exhibit B.

The grower, in the person of the friendly and capable woman who runs the operation for Dick's Family Farm at Wednesday's farmers' market, confirmed that the farm had sold Zestars in Belmont the previous Thursday. The Zestar, she said, is Dick's earliest apple and was the only variety picked last week.

I'm convinced--are you?

Update: I have written a suitable conclusion to the Adventure of the Scarlet Blush.


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