Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 harvest going, going....

Russell Powell of the New England Apple Association reports,

The 2014 New England apple crop is decidedly uneven. Some orchards have plenty of fruit, some just miles away have been forced to close early after running out of fresh apples.

Update: Business Columnist Shirley Leung has the story in the October 8 Boston Globe. 

This squares with reports I've been seeing in my Orchard twitter feed. Mack's reports limited supplies of Macoun (which may even be picked out by now, call them); Russell Orchard closed for the season last weekend.

And it's not even Columbus Day yet.

At the same time other orchards still seem to have fruit. As Powell said, uneven. But everyone will be largely picked out in a few weeks.

Read Powell's full report in the blog of the New England Apple Association.

Leung interviews Powell and several local apple growers, and pays a visit to Smolak Farms in Andover.

Elsewhere Michigan reports a bumper crop, and there are similar stories from the United Kingdom.

Here in New England, don't let the grass grow under your feet! And call ahead.

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  1. Uneven in New York State as well. In this part of the Finger Lakes, we had a harsh winter on top of a very bountiful previous year, so many orchards have had a very off year. North of us nearer to Lake Ontario, orchards are reported to be having a second banner year in a row.


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