Saturday, April 19, 2014

The trees do bud in spring

Before there are apples, there are buds.
Third in a series of studies of one apple-tree branch tip (1) (2), as seen earlier today.


  1. Hi Adam: I lived in Arlington Ma and I need an advice for buying an apple tree for my front yard. When it is the best time of the year to plant one? any local place I can get a reputable apple tree? thanks Luchy

  2. Luchy I am flattered, but I hope you know that my expertise, such as it is, lies more in the eating end of things. Still here is what I know. And, what a splendid project!

    You want to get your tree in the ground soon, to give it as much time as possible to settle in before next winter. Nurseries and some garden-supply stores will have apples, and there are places that will ship trees. Mahoney's has apple trees, but I can't vouch for the quality. Another place to try is Four Seasons in Lexington.

    Do give some thought to the tree and to the rootstock, which will determine its size. Most apple trees are self-sterile and will need an pollinating partner if you want it to bear.

    You might want to chat up the UMass Agricultural Extension Service, they have an orchard in Belchertown. A good nursery can also advice you.

    Really good luck! There used to be orchards in Arlington.


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