Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What to eat in December

The season is all but over in my part of the world, where "what to eat" is a question of (1) what keepers you've already stockpiled, plus (2) what you choose to buy at supermarkets.

A few orchards, however, are still selling what they have left, on winter hours. If you get the chance, you might still be able to stockpile some good keepers for the month. Here's my report on how some of them fared last winter.

Phil's, in Harvard, was still picking apples the week of Thanksgiving, though I don't imagine that will go on much longer. He will have his excellent unpasteurized cider, and crisp sturdy Enterprise apples, available through December.

This time of year I extend my love affair with fragile Macoun at the supermarkets. The quality can be very good. In the past markets have sold this variety, professional stored, through early February; we'll see what happens this winter.

I have also already seen lovely Ambrosia for sale. Whatever you buy, apples from the Northern hemisphere will be freshest this time of year.

Update: Here's a report on what was good in December.


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