Saturday, January 11, 2014

Apples in winter

The Somerville (Mass.) Armory
Behind this fantastic urban facade is a winter farmers market that sells apples.

Inside is a lively scene that includes produce, baked goods, and a cafe.

The market is open on Saturdays from 9:30 until 2 at the old armory on Highland Avenue in Somerville (map).

There is perhaps a larger-than-usual proportion of prepared foods at this market, but earlier today no less than two vendors were selling a dozen different kinds of apples, including Golden Russet and Hudson's Golden Gem.

Apples from Apex Farm for sale at Somerville's winter farmers market earlier today
Try finding those at your local supermarket in January.


  1. Hey Adam, this market is a good resource (I frequently visit since its very close to my house). There are usually good local apples like Golden Russet and Spitzenberg deep into winter. Actually I was there first thing last Saturday and also noticed the Hudson's Golden Gem, which I've never had before. I ate one Saturday night; sweeter but less acid and complexity than Golden Russet. It was clear it had been in storage for a while so the texture was not great. I always like a russet though, since the matte surface of the skin feels good to hold in the hand and I like the way it kind of sticks to my tongue when I take a bite.

  2. @Holly, it's my old neighborhood too!

    I hadn't been to the winter market since last year. It's gotten a lot bigger and more interesting! I don't remember so many apples before, either.

    The russets are in very good shape, so I guess that Apex, the grower, is storing them pretty well.


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