Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apples on the Web: A Life of Apples

One of the nicest end-of-season discoveries here was the discovery of A Life of Apples, a young blog about apples from the point of view of an apple picker named Chris. ("Discovery" is perhaps not the right word; Chris introduced himself.)

A Life of Apples joins Fruit Slinger, Apples and Oranges, and the Fruit Blog in the tiny constellation of apple web logs. Each of us write in parallel (or so I see it) but from a particular vantage point.

Chris has been at this since last fall, writing layered, contemplative stories about apple picking and apple folklore (the latter more in the off-season).

I have especially enjoyed, for instance, Chris's informal dictionary of apple-picking slang and his story about apple wassailing.

He also describes some apple varieties including their sports and origins. There's even an apple-sauce recipe.

I hope I am not jinxing Chris by writing about his blog too early, as I especially hope to see what he has to show us during the apple season this summer and fall. It seems to me that he has found his voice and it is very worth hearing. Enjoy!


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