Monday, June 29, 2009

Apples on the Web: Apples and Oranges

Far from here, where orange trees blossom, Apples and Oranges is the witty and informative work of Southern California grower and nursery owner Kevin Hauser.

The tagline to his blog is "Growing Apples Where They're Not Supposed To," but there are many apple trees in his portfolio. Some have been bearing since early June, and the harvest season down there lasts through February.

Kevin leavens his considerable knowledge of pomiculture with a light touch and a dry wit. His approach is eclectic rather than comprehensive--though more detailed information about growing apples (and other diverse topics) can be found on his companion web site.

Apples and Oranges reviews many warm-climate varieties, and tells how in pursuit of his muse Kevin has sent trees to Rwanda, visited orchards in Israel, and even--no sacrifice too great--contemplated a fact-finding mission to the South of France. There are also posts about rootstock and other technical subjects rendered digestible for the curious lay reader.

With Apples and Oranges from the grower, Fruitslinger from the seller, and The Fruit Blog for science and general weirdness, I'm feeling a little like the uncouth poor cousin. What do I bring to the table but my appetite? In that capacity I encourage you to dig in.

I had already noted Apples and Oranges, but this review adds it to my catalog of links.

Update: Kevin's posted some apple videos too.


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